Everything you need to know about Pre-Ordering during COVID-19

  • The only way you can come into the Dispensary and purchase product is by PLACING A PRE-ORDER
  • You can place a Pre-Order by:
    • Visiting the link here – https://www.thamesvalleyrelief.com/menu/
    • Emailing – [email protected]
    • Calling 860-848-0865, extension 4
  • You must wait 3 Business Hours before coming in to pick up your order. See our chart below for guidance:

  • We are still holding your Pre-Orders for 5 Days!
  • We need 3 Business Hours to fill your Pre-Orders.
    • If you add items, remove items OR modify your order, please be aware that we will need an additional three hours to prepare your order.
    • Please note: We are still holding your Pre-Orders for up to 5 Business Days.
  • Texts from Dutchie
    • Please be sure that you receive a confirmation text! If you don’t get one, please reach out to us to be sure we received your order.
    • Disregard messaging from Dutchie about when your order will be ready for pickup and refer to the grid above instead.
      • Unfortunately, Dutchie will not allow us to disable that message without disabling the online ordering system completely.
  • When placing a Pre-Order….
    • Please provide Your Name, Date of Birth, Phone Number
    • Speak Clearly, if leaving a Voicemail.
    • Please use the Name of the Product and not just the Number
    • Please do not make multiple changes to your order throughout the day.
  • Please do not make multiple changes to your order throughout the day.
    • Any modifications, additions, removals to/from your order will delay your pickup time by an additional THREE BUSINESS HOURS.
    • Read our emails to see what’s coming, check Dutchie to see what’s already here and then place your order with everything you want to pickup at your next visit.
  • If you cannot place an order online or via email, please leave ONE voicemail. 
    • We have several employees checking voicemails and returning calls to ensure your orders are secured and filled properly.
    • Additionally, if there is a problem with your order someone from our team will contact you to resolve it!
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PATIENT ALERT: While Pre-Orders are still encouraged for reduced wait-times, you may Pre-Order OR Order at the Counter :) Have a great day!