Fa La La La La…New Products!

We will be accepting toy donations in our lobby until Friday, December 20th.
All toys must be new, unused and unwrapped!

Patients who donate will receive $10 off of their purchase. This promotion is limited to one use per patient.

The toys donated during our drive will be given to the Resource Center at Yale new Haven Children’s Hospital. Parents with children in the hospital are able to “shop” from donated toys, select toys for their child, have them wrapped and delivered on Christmas — true, heart-warming Holiday Magic!

We appreciate everything you donate and look forward to more opportunities to give back to our community together!

With the new year approaching and resolutions on our mind, we are looking for your feedback! Please click here and let us know how we’re doing and how we can do better.

Below, you will find a list of new and returning products.

Please note: If a product is listed as, “in Tuesday,” that does not mean it will be here on Tuesday when we open! Deliveries arrive throughout the day, — you can call or email us for an estimate.

Underneath the list of new products, we have attached the option for you to click for the PDF version of our menu!

NEW – Jazrica T27 8042 – 1 ounce – Indica – In Friday
NEW – Indicol B 30.23 NDC: 7795 – Indica – In Friday
NEW – Elioraca T29 8005 – Hybrid – In Friday
NEW – Jade T24% H 7933 – Hybrid – In Friday
NEW – Opal T27% H 7935 – 2.0g – Hybrid – In Friday
NEW – Sativarin I 25.41 NDC: 8135 – Sativa – In Friday

NEW – Indicol CD Pre Rolls 26.88 NDC: 7773 – Indica – In Friday
NEW – Loolica T32 PR 7566 – Indica – In Friday

Second Cut:
NEW – Indicol BC 24.73 NDC: 7702 – Indica – In Friday

Select Grind:
NEW – Hybridol J Select Grind 26.09 NDC: 7750 – 7.0g – Hybrid – In Friday
NEW – Ivory T32% H 7918 – Hybrid – In Friday

Dispsable Slims and Pens:
NEW – Indicol FG Mini Vape T80 NDC: 7149 – Indica – In Friday

Pure Catridges:
NEW – Purple T88% TD 7938 – Hybrid – In Friday
NEW – Scarlett T94% TD 7939 – Sativa – In Friday

Oil Syringes:
NEW – AnivaPure T813C3 8019 – Sativa – In Friday

Capsules and Tablets:
NEW – Micro Tablets 7940 – Hybrid – In Friday

Returning – Sea Salt Wheat Crackers 7906 – Indica – In Friday

NEW – Cannabidiol F 1:1 Coconut Oil NDC: 8122 – CBD/Hybrid – In Friday


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