New Delivery!

Below, you will find a list of new and returning products arriving in Tuesday and Wednesday’s deliveries.

Please note: If the item listed is in bold print, the product is new — if the item is not bold, it is a returning item. We will also note that the item is returning next to the product name! Underneath the list of new products, we have attached the option for you to click for the PDF version of our menu!

NEW -​ Indicol E 31.53 NDC:7652 – Indica – In Tuesday
NEW -​ Indicol W 33.01 NDC:7662 – Indica – In Tuesday
NEW – ​Silver T31% H 7453 – Hybrid – In Tuesday
NEW -​ Jade T23% H 7433 – Hybrid – In Tuesday
NEW – ​Gwyniva T27 7555 – Hybrid – In Wednesday

NEW -​ Hybridol P Pre Rolls 31.41 NDC:7288 – Hybrid – In Tuesday
NEW -​ Hybridol W Pre Rolls 29.61 NDC:7275- – Hybrid – In Tuesday

Second Cut:
NEW – ​Aracnadex Flower SC T28% H 7375 – Hybrid – In Tuesday

Solid Concentrates:
NEW -​ Tomandi T89 CR 7543 Indica – In Wednesday
NEW – ​Zonbrid T86 CR 7523 – Hybrid – In Wednesday

Pure Cartridges:
NEW -​ Zainavirpure T350C1 7528 – Sativa – In Wednesday

Concentrated Oils:
NEW – ​Zainavirpure T753C3 7530 – Sativa – In Wednesday


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