New Year, New Products!

We want to keep you in the loop! We’re planning a lot of exciting new things for you in 2020! Support groups, events, ways to give back to the community and MORE! We want you to have the best possible experience at Thames Valley Relief every time you’re here, and we want you to know how lucky we feel to have you as a part of our Thames Valley Relief Family.

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If you’d like to give us some feedback below about someone who wowed you at your most recent visit, what you’d like to see in the future or ways we can improve, let us know!


How are the products working for you? Are you happy with the products you’ve purchased? Do you feel like you need to change the products or doses you are using?

Do you think you would benefit from a phone call or a follow-up consultation?

If so, please reply to this email or call us 860-848-0865 and we will schedule that for you right away!

Join us on Tuesday, January 28th at 6:00pm for our Support Group!

This month, we will be focusing on Digestive Health.

Friends, family and people who want more information about being a Medical Marijuana Patient are welcome to join us. Please respond by January 22nd to let us know if you can make it.

RSVP Here!

Starting Friday, January 10th until Friday, January 31st we will be collecting items for making “Blessing Bags.” The Blessing Bags are pre-made, to be handed out to those in need and include a curated mix of food items, hygiene products, etc.. We will donate these to local organizations to help their patrons get through their long, cold days.

We encourage you to make some at home and keep one or two in your car to bless someone you cross paths with.

We will be collecting: gallon sized ziploc bags, chapstick, individual packs of kleenex, travel/hotel-sized toiletries, individually wrapped feminine hygiene products, toothbrush, toothpaste, Tylenol, cough drops, socks, winter gloves, hand-warmers and gum. Water, juice and Snack-size or individually wrapped food items like: candy, granola bars, protein bars, chips, dried fruit, nuts, tuna packets, applesauce, etc.

We will also have cards available in the lobby for you, so you can write an uplifting note to be included in the bags we make.

Below, you will find a list of new and returning products.

Please note: If a product is listed as, “in Tuesday,” that does not mean it will be here on Tuesday when we open! Deliveries arrive throughout the day — you can call or email us for an estimate.

Underneath the list of new products, we have attached the option for you to click for the PDF version of our menu!

NEW – Slate T30% I 7948 – Indica – In Friday
NEW – Hybridol I 29.88 NDC: 8160 – Hybrid – In Friday
NEW – Lunaven Flower T32% I 7897 – Sativa – In Thursday
NEW – Scarlett T31% S 7950 – Sativa – In Friday

Second Cut:
NEW – Lexikan Flower SC T32% S 7874 – Sativa – In Thursday

Select Grind:
Returning – Ivory T32% H 7918 – 3.5g – Indica – In Friday
NEW – Hybridol Z Select Grind 25.79 NDC: 8111 – 7.0g – Hybrid – In Friday

Solid Concentrates for Inhalation:
NEW, Pictured Above – Sativarin D SH 88.51 NDC: 8171 – Sativa – In Friday

Disposable Slims and Pens:
NEW – Cannabidiol F 1:1 Pure Mini Vape T122 C134 NDC: 7759 – CBD/Hybrid – In Friday

Pure Catridges:
NEW – Summit CBD 9:1 7892 Pure DC Vape – CBD/Hybrid – In Thursday
NEW – Fioraden C T391 I 7893 DC Pure Vape – Indica – In Thursday

Oil for Refillable Cartridges:
NEW – Sativarin M Pure Oil T842 NDC: 7781 – Sativa – In Friday

Capsules and Tablets:
NEW – Indicol Tablets NDC: 8817 – Indica – In Friday

Concentrated Oil Syringes:
NEW – 360X T796C1 8045 – CBD/Hybrid – In Friday

Oral Sprays:
NEW – T125C125 I Oral Spray 7891- CBD/ Indica – In Thursday

Returning – Indicol Tea Bags NDC: 8170 – Indica – In Friday
Returning – Sativum Red Velvet Brownies Multi Pack NDC: 8126 – Sativa – In Friday


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