Our Services

Application Assistance

The Medical Marijuana Program requires you to submit an application once you have been certified by your provider. We offer assistance in completing the application process here at Thames Valley Relief, free of charge for both new patients and renewal applicants. No appointment is necessary, as we help applicants on a walk-in basis.

New Patient Orientation

For first time applicants: once your application has been approved by the Medical Marijuana Program and you receive your Temporary Medical Marijuana Registration Certificate email, you should call us to schedule your Orientation Appointment. During this appointment, you will meet one-on-one with a pharmacist to discuss your medical needs, and review your options about dosage forms, strains and products.

Purchase Appointments

Purchase appointments are available for patients to schedule at least two hours in advance. These appointments ensure that you will be seen by a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician at your scheduled time regardless of wait time.

Walk-In Purchases

After your first purchase during the Orientation Appointment, you are able to come into the Dispensary Facility to purchase without making an appointment.

Follow-Up Consultations

Follow-Up Consults are beneficial to patients who would like to re-evaluate the products being used, as well as the patient’s progress privately with one of our Dispensary Pharmacists. This is a complimentary service available to new and existing patients.


If you know what you would like to order before your visit to the Dispensary Facility, you may place a pre-order using the online ordering feature. Pre-orders will reserve your items so they are not sold out before your purchase. Pre-orders are held for five business days.

PATIENT ALERT: While Pre-Orders are still encouraged for reduced wait-times, you may Pre-Order OR Order at the Counter :) Have a great day!