Patient Alert: Delivery Update

Good Evening,

We apologize for the amount of emails we are sending today — our intention is to keep you as informed as possible to avoid any potential inconveniences as we know this time of year is already crazy-busy and stressful enough!

Unfortunately, it appears as though our CT Pharmaceutical Solutions Delivery will not be available tomorrow due to a delay in delivery. Instead, these products will be available on Thursday, December 26th.

We are attaching an updated PDF version of our menu for you, so you can see which products will be available tomorrow and which products will be available on Thursday.

Simply, click here to view the PDF Menu!

Wishing you a pleasant and productive evening amidst the Holiday Madness!

Thank you — as always — for your patience. We appreciate you all so much.

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PATIENT ALERT: While Pre-Orders are still encouraged for reduced wait-times, you may Pre-Order OR Order at the Counter :) Have a great day!