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Hybridol J PAX Era 385 NDC: 7646 – $65

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Below, you will find a list of new and returning products.

Please note: If a product is listed as, “In Friday,” that does not mean it will be here on Friday when we open! Deliveries arrive throughout the day — you can call or email us for an estimate.

Underneath the list of new products, we have attached the option for you to click for the PDF version of our menu!

NEW – Fioralex Flower T28% H 8361 – Hybrid – $39 – In Thursday
NEW – Indicol KL 24.06 NDC: 8291 – Indica- $33 – In Thursday

NEW – Garnet T25% H 7983 – Hybrid – $21 – In Friday

Select Grind:
NEW – Citron T30% S 7984- Hybrid – 7.0g – $45 – In Friday

Solid Concentrates for Inhalation:
NEW – Hybridol DE SH 79.74 NDC: 8296 – 1.0g – Hybrid – $56 – In Thursday

Oil for Refillable Cartridges:
NEW – Sativarin I Pure Oil T802 NDC: 8203 – Sativa – $72 – In Thursday
NEW – DaybridPure T730C3 8065 – Hybrid – $48 – In Friday

Pure Cartridges:
NEW – AnivaPure T350C1 8427 – Sativa – $30- In Friday
NEW – Citron T93% TD 8533 – Sativa – $53 – In Friday

Oral Solutions:
NEW – Fioraleve A T26C53 I Tincture 7808 – CBD/Indica – $66 – In Thursday

NEW, Pictured Above – Summit CBD C10 Honey Packets 8362 – CBD – $22 – In Thursday


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