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Join us for our SALE!

Now through Friday, February 21st!

Patients will receive 15% off of all purchases during the sale.

**This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. The Maximum Discount will be 15%**

**Please anticipate longer than average wait time during the sale due to an increase in patient traffic.**

We have THREE Pre-Order Lines during the sale to reduce wait times. Patients in the Pre-Order line will not be able to modify their order in any way to ensure the line moves smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

Appointments can be made two or more hours in advance to ensure you will be served at a time that works for your schedule.

Below, you will find a list of new and returning products.

Please note: If a product is listed as, “In Thursday,” that does not mean it will be here on Tuesday when we open! Deliveries arrive throughout the day — you can call or email us for an estimate.

Underneath the list of new products, we have attached the option for you to click for the PDF version of our menu!


NEW – Hauntrica T33 8422 – Indica – $30 – In Friday
NEW – Slate T31% I 8518 – Indica – $36 – In Friday
NEW – Purple T25% H 8516 – Hybrid – $32 – In Friday
NEW – Sativarin E 24.40 NDC: 8254 – Sativa – $33 – In Thursday

Returning – Jenva T32 PR 8069 – Sativa – $21 – In Friday

Solid Concentrates for Inhalation:
NEW – Indicol H CR 89.02 NDC: 8250 – Indica – $35 – In Thursday

Disposable Slims and Pens:
NEW – Ruby T89% TD 7981 – Indica Dominant Hybrid – $36 – In Friday
NEW – AnivaPure T200C1 8414 – Sativa – $23 – In Friday

Pure Catridges:
NEW – Ruby T89% TD 7981 – Sativa Dominant Hybrid – $53 – In Friday

NEW – Cannabidiol F 1:1 Slips T10.5 C11.5 NDC: 8236 – CBD/Hybrid – $52 – In Thursday

NEW – Cannabidiol F 1:1 Transdermal Bath Bomb NDC: 8263 – CBD/Hybrid – $12 – In Thursday
NEW – Transdermal Cream C120T119 8421 – CBD/Hybrid – $36 – In Friday

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