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Below, you will find a list of new and returning products.

Please note: If a product is listed as, “In Friday,” that does not mean it will be here on Friday when we open! Deliveries arrive throughout the day — you can call or email us for an estimate.

Underneath the list of new products, we have attached the option for you to click for the PDF version of our menu!

NEW – Ivory T31% H 8531 – Hybrid – $36 – In Tuesday
NEW – Sherbrid T25 8424 – Hybrid – $26 – In Wednesday

NEW – Hybridol DE Pre Rolls 23.72 NDC: 8262 – Hybrid – $24 – In Tuesday
NEW – Hauntrica T33 PR 8423 – Indica – $21- In Wednesday

Select Grind:
NEW – Purple T25% H 8517 – Hybrid – 3.5g – $27 – In Tuesday

Solid Concentrates for Inhalation:
NEW – Fioraden C CR T92% I 8363 – Indica – $35 – In Tuesday
NEW – Loolica T89 CR 8455 – Indica – $43 – In Wednesday

Oil for Refillable Cartridges:
NEW – YoticaPure T771C5 8446 – Indica – $50 – In Wednesday

Pure Cartridges:
NEW – Indicol AB Pure VPen 325 NDC: 8284 – Indica – $65 – In Tuesday
NEW – YoticaPure T350C2 8445 – Indica – $30 – In Wednesday

PAX Era Pods:
NEW – Hybridol J PAX Era 385 NDC: 7646 – Indica – $40 – In Tuesday

Oral Solutions:
NEW – Hybridol J THCA Oral Solution NDC: 8252 – Hybrid- $38 – In Tuesday

Returning – Cannabidiol F 1:1 Sublingual Spray NDC: 8133 – CBD/Hybrid- $45 – In Tuesday


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